An Open Letter To Katie Hopkins – Liberty Isn’t A Luxury

To anyone who has ever been deprived of their liberty; past, present and future, I want you to know how sorry I am. From slavery to mental health, the concept of freedom is taken for granted in the modern world, and yet so many still remain prisoners, whether it be in physical shackles or within the constraints of their own minds.

If you are not free to express yourself, to move freely and openly within the community you call home, then you are a slave. A slave to the rules, ideology, religion, conformity and prejudices  that prohibit your desires, needs and wants being realised. This makes us no better now than we were centuries ago.

We look back at history and weep at the stories of slavery. Whipped, tortured, imprisoned souls toiling the land and serving the masters.We think this remains in the past and we have evolved into civilised human beings. Have we though?

How is it that we feel so far removed from people who seek sanctuary in our country that we have lost all empathy for them? It’s almost as though we think that people in non-western worlds don’t have the same fears or attachments to their families and children as we do.We criticise parents for risking their children’s lives by putting their faith in greedy, money grabbing opportunists because they have the tiniest glimmer of hope that this will be a journey to a new life. If they die trying, at least they will  have tried.

This is not history. This is happening today. All around us people are suffering the kind of inhumanity we could never imagine. The barbaric, brutal, callous, vicious and ruthless savagery is real. The images of the babes and children who no longer cry are traumatic as we witness their acclimatisation to a broken and bloody world.

Dear Ms Katie Hopkins,

What are you scared of? Men pretending to be boys just so they can come over here and rape and murder us in our beds, slay us on our  streets.  Is that what they are coming here for? Really? Do you not think that they have to pretend so that they can be free to build a new life that they can bring their families to? Fearing what you don’t know, ignoring what you can’t see, maligning entire races and religions sticks so badly in my throat. I have little or no comprehension how you have been given the free reign to spread your hate at the same time as lining your pockets.

Your quick wit and rhetoric could be put to so much better use.

Yours Sincerely

Lisa Ives